FUN-LDA generates plots and tables with genomic functional scores from

Requesting scores for one SNP

If you want scores for one SNP, you can either provide a chromosome and hg19 coordinate (from the chromosome/position tab) or an rs number (from the rs number tab)

If you choose "All Roadmap tissues", you will be e-mailed

If you choose one Roadmap tissue, you will be e-mailed a plot and table of the following for the window you specified at 25 bp resolution:

Requesting scores for a list of SNPs

At the file upload tab, you can upload a list of positions in a .csv, .txt or .gz file. The file should either have two columns, chromosome and hg19 coordinate, or one column, rs number. You will be emailed a gzipped table containing the following information for each position you specified:

All rs numbers will be resolved to chromosome/hg19 coordinates using KAVIAR.

There is an online spreadsheet with information about the 127 Roadmap tissues.

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